5 Tips for Securing Permission to Hunt Waterfowl on Private Land

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    Best advice I have is to respectfully approach landowners and let them know you’re willing to lease or trade labor for hunting access. When they tell you it’s already leased, because the vast majority of good land is either leased or saved for the owners, ask to be contacted if that ever falls through for any reason. Two of my best spots were picked up that way after the original leasing party broke some rules that the landowner had. It was much more likely for them to kick the original party off, knowing they had someone waiting in the wings. Ironically, we don’t pay a dime for any of our spots. Trading work, and or just being decent has gotten us a long way.

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    @Mike appreciate the advice

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    @Ben absolutely, good luck! As far as finding good spots, our party will literally spread out in the mornings and cover 80-100 sq miles and just watch the skies for birds. Then you can check OnX or HuntStand for land ownership and land type. Ducks are a little easier to pattern simply because they require water more and ponds and lakes are east to find on sat maps. Geese on the other hand, will follow the crops which can change season to season and not be so evident on sat maps. I’m sure you already know most of this, just pointing out our strategies that have worked.

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    The best advice is don’t be afraid of rejection. I get 10 no hunting before I get 1 that is open to the idea. Look presentable and be respectful see if they need an extra hand on the ranch.

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