5 Lucrative Careers in the Outdoor World: Commercial Fishing, Conservation, Outdoor Writing/Photography, Guiding Hunts, and Archery Shops

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    There are various professions in the outdoor world that people can pursue to make a living. Some examples include:

    1. Commercial Fishing: Many individuals work as commercial fishermen, catching fish and other marine species for sale.

    2. Conservation: Professionals in the field of conservation work to protect and preserve natural resources, wildlife, and habitats. They may be employed by government agencies, non-profit organizations, or environmental consulting firms.

    3. Outdoor Writer/Photographer: Outdoor writers and photographers capture and share their experiences in the wild. They may contribute to magazines, websites, or books, documenting their adventures and providing valuable insights.

    4. Outfitters: Outfitters provide equipment, gear, and services for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping. They may offer guided trips, rent equipment, or sell specialized gear.

    5. Hunting and Fishing Guides: Guides lead individuals or groups on hunting or fishing trips, providing expertise, safety, and knowledge of the local area. They ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for their clients.

    6. Archery Shops: Archery shops cater to the needs of archery enthusiasts by selling equipment, providing services like bow tuning and repair, and offering archery lessons.

    These are just a few examples, and there are SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    We have blended fitness and the outdoors since 2014. Coach @Jeremy has also written for various publications. @Whetstone helps property owners grow big deer. @Jim is a freelance writer and photographer. Full time is a little harder but there are a lot of freelance or part time opportunities if you get creative and have some drive.

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    I work for @GoWild

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    @Brayden can there be any higher calling 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    I like a mix of small seed species like clovers and brassicas but I’ll also roll the dice with winter wheat if I can broadcast right before rain. Of all things, I like hunting over wheat.

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    @Fit @Brayden there is no higher calling. Right Brayden? Riiiiight?!?!

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    @GoWild right!

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    @Fit as Jeremy said, I do habitat work, but I am also a freelance writer and wannabe content guy. It’s baby steps - have a “thing”, get really good at that “thing”, and then start branching out to other avenues and opportunities. Stay focused but stay fluid. Feel free to reach out if anyone has any questions about working in conservation. I am a relative newbie to the media side.

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    Ideas for what exactly ? Career paths? Start ups etc?

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    @Big yes. I don't hate my job in some ways I like it. It would sure be cool if I can make living in the outdoor industry I guess you can call it.

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    @Emory what are you good at? What motivates you? I worked in the bicycle industry for years on the warranty and quality control side. Many companies need that kind of help. Or you could work with engineers as part of R&D. I left my career path behind to study nursing

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    @Emory the possibilities are endless. John Maxwell said when you find what you are good at(the way God has gifted you) with what your passions are. It is at that intersection where you find your purpose. It is there that Gods glory is on full display. So sir. I’d ask what are you good at? What sort

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    @Big what sort of things motivate you. I love to cook and a friend and I are starting a food service ministry. We want to be the hands and feet to cook for ministries and churches at their events. As well as serve our community. Taking what people have and trusting God to multiply our efforts.

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    @Big that's so cool that you and your friend are doing that! Honestly I'm not sure what I'm naturally good or talented at. I tend to have to try pretty hard at things. I will say I like getting people excited about the outdoors, helping people create memories that last a lifetime and stick with me aswell.

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    @Emory I would also ask friends around you. I have a buddy who put a bug in my ear that I am praying through. Three years ago I stepped into ministry and became a youth pastor and worked at a youth center here in Alaska. That chapter is since closed and my friend asked me if I ever considered being a missions pastor? I find great joy in providing others opportunities to live out their faith. I naturally connect people. Your friends may see things in you that others don’t.

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    @Emory and maybe that’s it. You could start a first timer outdoor guide. Take inner city youth camping, hunting, fishing etc.. Help people see the amount of preservation hunters do for the outdoors

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    @Big that would be cool

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