5 Essential Tips for Becoming a Trapper: Getting Started on Your Trapping Journey

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    Best advice I can give is to subscribe to Fur Fish Game magazine. It is very trapper oriented and informative. @Lou here on GoWild is also very knowledge

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    @Mike thank you for those kind words mike. While I would never claim to be an expert It would be my pleasure to point Mrs Mary here in the right direction

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    @Lou autocorrect screwed up on "knowledgeable", but that's what this app is all about. Share what you can and learn what you can. @Mary success is no accident in trapping, have fun with it

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    The best advice I can give first and foremost is become extremely familiar with the rules and regulations for where you plan to trap and to get proper licenses and permits. Here in the US every state has different rules and regs and they may change year to year

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    If there are any questions you have or anything else you want to know I’d be happy to help in any way I can

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    We have the same thing here in Canada all of the provinces have different regulations that are always changing! Even with hunting and fishing

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Hunting, fishing, cooking, canning and processing my harvests

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