5 Easy Wild Duck Recipes That Don't Require Plucking

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    Just breast them out and cook on the grill like a medium steak. Soo good..

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    https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/114442/grilled-wild-duck-breast/ I used this and they turned out perfect. Just be 100 percent sure you don't over cook them.

  • Adam's avatar

    I love making duck jerky.

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    breast out, chunk and put in chili 👌. Also the classic stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon.

  • Appalachian's avatar

    I age the birds whole for at least 2 days up to 5 on ice, this makes a world of difference in texture and flavor. Then I give an overnight in a salt brine. Then season as you would steak and either use a well seasoned cast iron or flat top griddle at max temp with olive oil you'll know it's ready to put the meat on when the oil is rolling smoke. Sear a couple minutes on each side no more than medium. Tastes almost just like steak if it's a puddle duck.

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    @Appalachian love that

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    The trager is the best way to go

  • James's avatar

    @Hayden agreed

  • Jamie's avatar

    Breasted out cut into strips like bacon, then wrap the duck and bacon around a jalapeño

  • Tuckerv08's avatar

    Bacon banana peppers cream cheese ranch powder

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    Breast them and pan fry them like a white tail back strap. Add salt. Aging does help. Do not do this to a merganser.

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