5 Best Bear Hunting Locations in Tennessee for a Memorable Trip with Dad

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    East of Tellico along the border with NC, South of Smoky Mtn National Park

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    @Steve is that public land? Do you know of like an outfitter that does it?

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    We don’t have any bears in Tn. 🤣

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    @Rachel Way more fun to do it without an outfitter. You’ll learn a lot more that way and save money. Like the first one commented: around Tellico. Just don’t go in Tellico: it’s a bear sanctuary and bear hunting is off limits.

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Rachel I solo hunted hard in eastern Tn close to Virginia border. Never saw a bear, but found sign, public land. It was hard, the hounds hunters live for the season & best way I’ve found out how in Tn

  • Cameron's avatar

    @Kevin Stay away from places with easy access and you’ll see the bears.

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Cameron it was easy access only. I went deep deep in. It was tough, but wonderful at the same time

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    @Kevin There’s a spot I have marked on the map you could try. It’s extremely steep and surrounded by peaks.

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Cameron I will be spot & stalking in Montana next Spring.

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    Rachel, it's mostly public land and I am not aware of any outfitters in that area. I have friends that hunt bears on the NC side of that area.

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Rachel N


Started hunting October 2022 and have really grown to love it! Nothing like being in Gods awesome outdoors!

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