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    will be holding two events during 2025. I am creating two of my best guns with my finest accoutrements and game calls to raffle off.

    The first raffle will be drawn on February 27, 2025. It is the birthday of my son, Zach. The winner will have their package well in advance of spring gobbler season.

    This raffle will consist of a 20 gauge flintlock fowler stocked in curly black cherry with brass furniture ($2,750), set of hand-forged 18th turnscrews with curly cherry handles ($150,) set of hand-forged gun hangers ($75), two fancy box calls with inlays (standard $125 and longbox $150), fancy slate call and striker ($100,) and fancy crow ($75) and owl ($75) locator calls. This package will be valued at $3,500.

    The second raffle will be drawn on my birthday, August 29. It will consist of a fancy flintlock rifle in .54 caliber stocked in fancy curly maple - complete with carving and engraving ($3,500), hand-made vent pick and pan brush ($75,) hand-forged Damascus patch knife with curly maple scales and hand-made sheath ($250,) set of hand-forged turn screws with curly maple scales ($150), hand-forged gun hangers ($75,) and set of fancy deer calls (one 3-piece all curly maple ($100), one 3-piece with flex tube barrel $85.) The value of this package will be $4,250.

    I’m still working out the logistics of the raffle, but tickets will be available at $10 each or $100 for 12. There will be a limited amount of tickets available for each raffle. The two raffles are separate, but you will be able to purchase tickets for each if you wish. The drawings will be done by a third party, video recorded, and posted here. How’s that for a surprise?! 😎🇺🇸

    Tickets will be available in early 2024. Stay tuned….

  • 🛻🚜Jeff's avatar

    WOW just WOW!

  • John's avatar


  • Roger's avatar

    Outstanding! This is awesome 🤩

  • Chuck's avatar

    I am in!!!!

  • Thomas's avatar

    That’s fantastic

  • Thomas's avatar

    That’s definitely awesome

  • Tom's avatar

    You are the man. 🤪🤣

  • Craig's avatar

    What a great opportunity to have a chance to get some of your beautiful works of art.

  • James's avatar

    Rick what an awesome idea! You can count me in for sure, and I’m sure I’ll be buying my father chances as well. What a chance to own such art! You truly are a master at your craft sir.

  • Shem's avatar

    I’m in ✌🏼🤠☕️

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  • Kristopher's avatar

    Thank you for giving back! This is awesome.

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    @DJ I’m guessing that’s a good thing? 🤪

  • DJ's avatar

    @Gobbler oh yes! I wanted to try and meet you on my way back from North Carolina but we got a late start. Hopefully next time.

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    @DJ any time! Just holler at me.

  • Brian's avatar

    I’ve admired your work since I joined GoWild and can’t wait for these raffles. I hope to own one of those beauties someday

  • Lisa's avatar

    This is such a reflection of the kind of heart I knew you always had! So very gracious of you & such an exciting opportunity for all of us!! Even though I don't hunt at all anymore since I moved to Ohio from MT....I am still willing to join the excitement in hopes!! 😇🤜🏼🤛🏼
    Thanks, Rick!!
    This will be fun to see play out!

  • Ferg's avatar

    Remind me via message about this when the tickets are on sale please

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My name is Rick Larnerd. I’m a United States Army Infantry and 35-year law enforcement veteran. I am a retired Pennsylvania game warden. I am now custom maker of high-end Pennsylvania longrifles and decorative turkey box calls. I’ve been “Recreating 18th Century Americana” as Gobbler Knob Longrifles since 2000.

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