2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road with Manual Transmission - Great Hunting, Fishing, and Camping Truck!

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    Nice looking truck

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    @Lisa thanks Lisa. I need something bigger. I will miss having the 6 speed manual but I decided a boat over a sports car (I had a sports car with a 6 speed manual as my first ever car I bought with my own money) then hunting and fishing became a part of my life so maybe one day I can get another sports car but for now I enjoy driving a truck and hunting and fishing with it.

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    @Will become like my brother...and collect cars. 😅 Only two out of the 6 (I believe it is) runs. In all fairness, most of them are KIT cars (exotic replicas).
    Trucks are the only way to go.😁
    I like manual trucks (my first truck was a Toyota 4x4, but that was wayyy back in the 80's.😳😄). I learned how to drive stick in the lovely city of Cincinnati!😱 lol I didn't have a choice, I needed to get it home. Thankfully I relied on my motorcycle shifting as a kid to help

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Will K


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