2-Year Buck: Trail Camera Photos of the Deer I Pursued for Seasons

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scouting & hunting prep47H 0M
  • Tommy's avatar

    That’s a giant

  • C's avatar

    @Tommy yes he was. Largest deer I have ever hunted by far

  • David's avatar

    Public or private?

  • C's avatar

    Thats a public land bush buck

  • Desiree's avatar

    Man that is heartbreaking. Beautiful rack tho. Hes big

  • C's avatar

    @Desiree it was sad when I heard he was harvested it hurt. Lol. I got to see him 8 plus times in 2 years. So that alone was incredible

  • Desiree's avatar

    @C , my buck thats on my page is one that I caught on camera among a handful. I had put dibs on him in our little hunt club but nooone ever seen him luckily

  • Desiree's avatar

    @C , I'd have been sick to my stomach of someone else would have gotten him with all the work I out in that season

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  • C's avatar

    @Desiree was the buck an your page the shoulder mount? It was hard on my heart for sure. I could have shot him in rifle season but was adamant about getting him with my bow.

  • Desiree's avatar

    @C, yes sir the shoulder mount. He's my first buck ever. I shadowed my husband a couple yrs, the. Last yr I was fully prepared to hunt on my own, started out the season with bow but didn't get anything. The last couple weeks of the hunt season he finally showed back up and I got to take him. He is the only one on our farm leased land ever to have that wonky rack and the drop tine

  • Desiree's avatar

    @C, I let quite a few 8 pointers walk and a couple 6s my husband would always ask me when I got in from the stand if I seen anything cuz I was out alot. Wverytime I told I let one walk he just shook his head lol. I think he was starting to think I was either telling stories about the deer I seen or I was not able to drop the hammer

  • C's avatar

    @Desiree congrats on that deer he is awesome. And when you work for that long to get him it is that much more of a trophy!

  • Gerald's avatar

    Gee what a buck!

  • C's avatar

    @Desiree so perfect. I understand that. I have let lots pass to trying to get a mature deer instead of just a younger guy. Good on you sticking it out and getting the one you wanted!

  • C's avatar

    @Gerald yes I don’t believe I will ever get to chase one this big again. But who knows right!

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I have been hunting over 30 years... Love to eat what I have hunted... work to hunt and live not the other way around

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