17 Deer Spotted on Sunday: Young Bucks Only

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hunting2H 30M
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    Looks like my honey hole spot on my property that’s off in planted pines. Ground blind is 20yrds off the dirt road the pine row I’m watching is 18yrds wide and 90yrds long put some whitetail institute throw and grow rye wheat 3 clovers and turnips i made 3 spots the size of truck hood all 3 spot have came alive in the past 3 weeks. Unfortunately that’s the last pics I got of three shooters but I have 678 pics of 3 to 25 small bucks Does and youngsters with them. Good news found all three shooters the went North off the back side of the pine row ridge and down into some beautiful hardwood flats where I have just so happen put my ol man lock on up Saturday . So playing it smart as I can ended up having to put the lock on 45 maybe 50ft up on a big hardwood right on the creek and I can shoot 200yrds in three different directions. Can’t wait for Monday morning!

  • @Mark Sounds like a good spot, Good Luck! 🍀

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