10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for the Farm-Loving Mom Who Has Everything

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    @Samuel: It's great to hear that your mom loves spending time with her goats and horses. For her birthday, you could consider getting her a gift that is related to her interests. Some ideas could be a new piece of farming equipment, a book on goat or horse care, a personalized saddle pad, or a gift card to a local feed store. You could also consider planning a special day for her, such as a horseback riding excursion or a day trip to a nearby farm or ranch. I hope these ideas help, and happy birthday to your mom! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Anybody can always use a new pair of muck boots!

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    ☝️that’s a great idea, new boots.

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    Boots , gloves, barn coat, perhaps replace something that’s worn out

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    A hug and an appreciation plaque?

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    @Dave 🤣 I like the plaque idea

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    @Jacob @Corey @Joseph @Dave thanks all for the ideas.

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    I was thinking gloves too....🤔....or can ya find a "goat" t-shirt at a Royal King or some such farm store real quick?
    Or, honestly, when Adam makes home made birthday cards for me, that is a real treasure for me

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    How was your Mom's birthday? What did you end up doing? Whatever it was, I'm sure she enjoyed her day. Share, when you get a moment😇

  • Samuel's avatar

    @Lisa It was good. We ended up driving up to White Sulfur Springs to soak for the day, and eat at bar 47. We got home, and about an hour later the power went out, and didn't come on until well after I was asleep. I got here a new pizza cutter for her, since her's was worn out.

  • Lisa's avatar

    That first part sounded good, with the middle part stinking! Awesome on the pizza cutter!

    Adam, my oldest son, and my Mom all loaded up in the car Saturday and headed from Ohio to Tennessee for a vacation (April 1-5th). We got to our beautiful cabin and the power was out! So, I can feel your frustration. We weren't prepared for that and ended up turning around and coming back (4 1/2 hour drive to KY, where my Mom lives. Then the next day the guts and I drove 2 more hours to get home in Ohio). We spent two hours when we were in Tennessee trying to find a hotel. Everything was booked from southern Gatlinburg to North of Knoxville. I guess a basketball tournament was taking place and an old 70's rock band (The Eagles) were in concert in Knoxville.
    I'm bummed, but I think the guys are fine.
    So glad your Mom enjoyed her day!👏🏻

  • Lisa's avatar

    ☝🏻guts 🤣🤦‍♀️, should be "GUYS."

  • Samuel's avatar

    @Lisa Wow sounds like a "fun" trip. 🤣 Atleast you got some quality time in the car with your son and your mom. Mabey next time you go to your cabin there will be power. The power outages have been frustrating at our house. We have had 2, two plus hour outages in the last week, and several large power blinks. How is Adam doing? @Brad an edit function on the comments would be awesome.

  • Lisa's avatar

    I've mentioned that to Brad many times. And the GIF he uses for me, lol, is this one👇🏼

  • Lisa's avatar

    Adam is frustrated. He has no energy and said to me last night, "My life expectancy is 👎🏼. The doctors don't know how to help me and no one in the medical world is doing anything."

    As a Mom, that ☝🏻, breaks my heart. 💔💔💔💔😭💔💔💔💔

  • Samuel's avatar

    @Lisa You can tell him that that is exactly how I feel. I started seeing an acupuncturist yesterday, and she thinks that it might be related to a head trauma, like a concussion from skiing or a long covid sort of thing. The doctors have said that they are completely stumped, and told us the only way that they can think of is a natural medicine route, which was kind of what my mom was hoping to hear. Anyways it sucks, and all we can do is pray for healing.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Thanks Samuel.
    I truly appreciate being able to get thoughts and ideas and experiences from you.

    Are you on Discord?

  • Lisa's avatar

    I can't remember, you're 17?
    I was just thinking it would be neat if you and he (16, 17 in June) connected on Discord

  • Samuel's avatar

    I'm actually 15. I am actually not on discord. I don't do any gaming, so that is not my kind of thing. I do have an Instagram account, but I am not on it very often.

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I am an avid big game and bird hunter. Also a trout fisherman. I breed, and train English Field Cocker Spaniels. I love tying flies, building fly rods and of course fly fishing. God is always first, and above all other.

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