10-Day Helicopter Camp Hunt in Remote Russia: Amazing Trophy Quality and Unforgettable Adventure

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Brown Bear

  • rifle
  • 136
    body length (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 200
    distance (yards)
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    What a beautiful bear! Congratulations.

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  • Scott's avatar

    What did a 10 day trolley hunt cost?

  • Shane's avatar

    @Scott it was 10,500 plus air to petro kamachatka but it’s gone up a little since

  • Scott's avatar

    @Shane wow a lot more reasonable then I would have thought. Was that all inclusive ( permits, food, lodging, and transfer fees)? I am sure it did not include gratuity

  • Shane's avatar

    @Scott that’s incorrect, it also includes a interpreter in Moscow and Petro. There was hotels both going and coming back but the flights were considerably cheaper than I expected , 1500 each in comfort class . You do have some shipping and taxidermy fees plus cites to get them hime which I think was 900 more

  • Scott's avatar

    @Shane please share the website. That’s an amazing Deal. I am a fellow Texan (displaced). I appreciate the share!

  • Shane's avatar

    Professional Russian outfitters

  • Shane's avatar

    @Scott see the outfitter name below, max speaks English and if we have the Dallas show he will be there, that’s how I met him was Dallas safari club

  • Scott's avatar

    Went to a Safari club convention once when I lived in Turtlecreek. I will check it out. Always wanted to hunt Russia

  • Shane's avatar

    @Scott I am trying to go back for moose next fall, since it was closed for the 20 season to non residents trophy quality should be insane

  • Scott's avatar

    @Shane we should check and see if they would do a package discount. I bet we could find a total of 4 that would book a lifetime hunt like that.

  • Dan's avatar

    Had a chance a few years ago on a cancelled hunt at a greatly reduced price, it was short notice and I already had an alaska hunt booked. Tried hard to rearrange but could t get it done. It is on the list of hunts for sure

  • Shane's avatar

    @Dan It’s worth’s the trip for browns. I’ll let ya know on moose lol

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Shane C


Hunted for 30 years , from Africa to Russia of its a fun hunt I’m in

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