1. Proud Mom Moment: 12-Year-Old Cody Tags First Big Game Doe Pronghorn 2. Brave Kid Alert: Young Colt Learns About Hunting and Anatomy 3. Hunting for a Mature Buck: Join Me on My Week-Long Adventure

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Antelope (Pronghorn)

  • rifle
  • private
    land type
  • 150
    distance (yards)
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    This is fantastic,Casi!! Congratulations, Cody!! You did awesome!It would be so cool if he wrote his experience down on paper or you have him write it down and post it here. I'd love to hear that! And Colt, it sounds like you had a blast too!🤜🏼🤛🏼 Congrats to Gerald also! Go get em Casi! We'll be here waiting to slap you on the back!👏🏻 😁 👊🏼 Loved the photos!!

  • Casi's avatar

    @Lisa thank you so much. Family that hunts stays together! 🤘

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Casi I wouldn't know about that. Lol

  • T.J.'s avatar

    Love seeing the kids getting involved!!!

  • Casi's avatar

    @T.J. Colt loves it! He even wanna cut the antelope himself so we show him how to get guts off. All he wants is the heart! Ha!

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    Congratulations to Cody and Gerald and good luck to you on your quest for a mature buck.👍👊

  • Mike's avatar

    This is an awesome post. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations

  • Casi's avatar

    @Mike appreciate that you think it’s an awesome post! I do my best to post as many I can! 🤛

  • Casi's avatar

    @Brian so today I stalked a buck that looked pretty good but man he keep chasing that one doe that meant so much to him. He wouldn’t stop. However it was a great evening. Try again this Wednesday! I’ll update!

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Casi N


Deaf hunter. Love to hunt in the mountain and the eastern plains, camping, fishing, atv riding, and hiking. Blessed to be in God beautiful country when I can get out there! I'm also a cattle rancher. Hard working mom of 2 boys.

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