#UpsideIsOutside: Take the Challenge!

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    This virus and failing economy are scary.

    But I fear something else, too: We’re too connected right now.

    Much of the country is in various forms of shelter in place, confined to remote work or, sadly, out of work altogether.
    In turn, we’re spending more time online. Even on GoWild we've seen a 25% lift in time on the app. **THIS IS NOT GOOD.** We don’t need access to the 24 hour news cycle right now (or really, ever). Constant connectivity is contributes to stress, which is not only hurting your mental health, it’s compromising your immune system and overall physical wellbeing. All of this anxiety is making more hostile homes—domestic violence calls are surging nationwide amid the COVID-19 crisis.

    Let's come together to practice some #SocialMediaDistancing and get outside!

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    I’m pumped!

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    This will be fun. Even though I have no partner to tag. A day of recouping today from travels, but an adventure awaits already for tomorrow #gowild

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    @Tina we NEED to get out

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    Challenge accepted! @Brad

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    It will be another 2 weeks before I can self isolate myself to the outdoors due to work. ☹️

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    I went out and shot. And then i went and did some construction work on a mew target.

  • Stephen's avatar

    Let’s do it

  • David's avatar

    Still lots of snow here but had a good hike

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    Been married to my great little wife 14 years and here lately spending a lot more time with her..... I’m loving it we’re going fishing together tomorrow

  • Barry's avatar

    @Brad Usually on Wednesday nights we have prayer meeting, but tonight a friend and I went fishing for 2 and a half hours. Beautiful night even if we only had a few bites! Great weather is coming to SC, so I take your challenge, for sure!

  • Brad's avatar

    @Barry I love this. Let’s keep it rolling.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Kevin hey we can find you a partner. @Ferg you got anyone in on this yet?

  • David's avatar

    Temps hit the 40’s today, can finally see grass for the first time since November. Getting ready for turkeys

  • Rebecca's avatar

    We like being outside and thankfully have not only a years while still living in town but many outside areas to go here in MT. Went out and put in set lines today #UPSIDEISOUTSIDE

  • Kristine's avatar

    Yesssss! I totally got this!!

  • Steven's avatar

    I have far more trouble finding 7 hours to be inside

  • Roy's avatar

    I'm a first responder and I have to work double time and I am sure you can figure out why

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  • Brad's avatar

    @YOTE yasss

  • Kurt's avatar

    The benefits of being outside are endless, let's do it!

  • Sherri's avatar

    We can make that happen

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Brad literally just read the email, am in. @Kevin you have a partner dude

  • Steve's avatar

    @Roy Thank you first and foremost!!! Secondly, take care of yourself out there!!!

  • Benjamin's avatar

    @Andrew I got you mate

  • Roy's avatar

    @Steve Thanks pal, and take care of yourself as well

  • Steve's avatar

    @Brad Brilliant!!! I’m in!!! Did “piddlin” stuph outside at the lake most of the day!

  • Brad's avatar

    @Steve I’m jealous.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Roy I agree thank you

  • Steve's avatar

    @Roy Ubetcha my friend!!! Your work is greatly appreciated!!! So far so good!!! Staying low...

  • Seth's avatar

    Lol I try to ,,spend more time outside than inside , This is a great chalenge for some !!

  • Todd's avatar

    Steelhead fishing Sunday. Tilled the garden and planted trees Monday. Tuesday worked on thinning my woods for fire suppression and firewood. Wednesday worked on a barn door for the wifes closet. Digging it. Anybody wanting outside to work I have plenty. I actually feel very fortunate for where I live. I feel for those cubical dwellers who have nothing but fake news and the internet for entertainment. @Gmail

  • Tony's avatar

    Not going turkey hunting because of weather but the youth season will be next weekend weather looks ok

  • Jackson's avatar

    I'm still working 8 hour s a day at work but I can do it, but I dont have a accountability partner on here so I will post my outings, thanks for the challenge

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Ferg alright. Mountain biking in Buffalo Mountain tomorrow. We got this bro 👊🏼

  • Butch's avatar

    Get’er DONE ✅

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Kevin am still in recovery from a serious crash so can’t quite manage mountain trails yet but il get onboard with what I can man 👊🏻😎

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Kevin am thinking we can put most of them to shame, east enough 🤔😜😂😂😂

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Ferg my life is nothing but a travel roller coaster. If I see something that interests me I gotta stop & finish it lol

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Kevin hahaha ain’t nothing wrong with that at all man 👊🏻😎

  • Kevin's avatar

    I got five hours in today!

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Kevin that looks like a pretty place to leave footprints for sure

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Kevin Without a doubt brother! I may not have anyone to tag on here but my kids love to trek with me and I'll take that anyday!

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Kevin starting them young. Love it man. Good for you & them 👊🏼

  • Steve's avatar

    @Brad Ha. It was a beautimous day and the late afternoon was picture perfect!!!

  • Ron's avatar

    Good idea, especially since turkey season just opened.

  • Katie's avatar

    @Matthew want to be my buddy?!

  • Fragarach's avatar

    Hah OT 6 days a week cause of this. Maybe a Sunday in the mountains if I'm lucky.

  • Charles's avatar

    21 days out of Shoulder Surgery- Limited but still doing Animal Removal to help finances & Rehab

  • Brooke's avatar

    Pike fishing

  • Kit's avatar

    Not unless you live in the California Bay Area, they have closed most of the parking lots near the county parks and hiking trails. Although I do have plans to go to a private Horse Back Riding Lesson on Friday at a Ranch near by.

  • James's avatar

    Hands down my favorite mechanical broadhead. Has almost zero room for error so you know its going to open every time on impact. Devastating cutting diameter means thick frothy blood trails, and with these thick hatchett like blades you dont have to worry about it becoming a mangled piece of shrapnel after one shoot. Slap a new O ring on it and put it back in the quiver because there will still be plenty of tread on that tire. These ain't your dad's disposable broadheads.

  • Matthew's avatar

    @Katie oh absolutely. I’m working remotely now so anything I can to get outside for bit! I’m bad at social media though 😂

  • Katie's avatar

    @Matthew I’m in the same boat! Which is why I needed the accountability haha. Not for the activity, but for remembering to log it!

  • Zachary's avatar

    Let do this

  • Alan's avatar

    I'm outside for an hour a day almost every day.

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  • Joe's avatar

    I work outside, but some warmer weather would be great, I need hammock therapy.

  • Dave's avatar

    Thanks for the incentive

  • Dave's avatar

    @Dave got out and shot my old compound

  • Tom's avatar

    My son Zacc and daughter Emma will be participating with me! Emma is also starting hunter safety online next week. #Upsideisoutside!!

  • Logan's avatar

    @Samantha let's get it!!!

  • Samantha's avatar

    @Logan I have mine for today already!! Let's definitely do this

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