Taking the Leap: Overcoming Fear and Trying Something New

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Question For The Community
  • Evan's avatar

    Super black eagle 3

  • Justin's avatar

    Thunder launcher for dog training!

  • Brian's avatar


  • CJ's avatar

    Tree saddle and sticks

  • Tyler's avatar

    A hoyt compound

  • Logan's avatar

    A new gun

  • Grizld's avatar

    Gear for my wife. It's almost impossible to find hunting/ fishing gear that fits her properly.

  • Luke's avatar

    @Christopher just what I was thinking And get some crispy boots and some little things after that

  • Eric's avatar

    I need new clothes and equipment in general. Made the decision to give all my outdoors gear to the homeless when I moved from Colorado to Arizona. I regret giving my tent and 0° sleeping bag away the most.

  • David's avatar

    Bear Archery Whitetail Legend RTH compound bow, gear to go with it.

  • Maddox's avatar

    Winchester sx4

  • Margie's avatar

    Saddle and stix!

  • Jenek's avatar

    Henry 3030

  • Clay's avatar

    A fishing kayak

  • Dan's avatar

    Either a new tracking system for my hounds or maybe a fancy dog box or something cool like that.

  • Mike's avatar

    New turkey decoys, mine were burned up with my cabin. Had those 2 hens for about 25years. Sure nough missed em this season. God bless

  • Scott's avatar

    Recurve bow and euro nymphing fly set up

  • Michael's avatar

    Right now, a tree stand

  • Oak Haven's avatar

    Gas so I can hunt

  • Josh's avatar

    More Kuiu

  • Bruce's avatar

    AR and ammo

  • Lyndsey's avatar

    Lone Wolf Custom Gear D'ACQUISTO SERIES HANG-ON .5 and some climbing sticks.

  • Coyote's avatar

    Mosberg MVP Varmint in 204 ruger.

  • Kim's avatar

    Franchi Affinity 3

  • Hunter's avatar

    New compound

  • David's avatar

    @Oak right now thatd be all of us! To go fish,hunt or just to get to work!

  • Travis's avatar

    Couple new ladder stands and a crossbow for my son

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @Evan you’d be a little short

  • Evan's avatar

    @RKE fax

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    New First Lite Omen jacket and Pyke Gear pants

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    First Lite Omen jacket and Pyke Gear Kiowa pants

  • Heath's avatar

    Invest it into college so I can get a high paying job then I can buy all the gear I want

  • Gage's avatar

    New shot gun, new camouflage and the rest put to savings

  • Matthew's avatar

    Probably a new deer gun

  • Nate's avatar

    Outdoor speaker and boots

  • Willie-Joe's avatar

    Garmin 200i

  • Mike's avatar

    Prime inline 3!

  • Dwayne's avatar

    Alpha 100 with a collar

  • Patrick's avatar

    Some Dannon hunting boots for my sons..and a nice backpack for carrying meat.

  • Carly's avatar

    @Grizld yes! I hear that!

  • Carly's avatar

    @Eric but how generous!

  • Carly's avatar

    @Heath 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Hunter's avatar

    @Heath that is smart

  • Scotty's avatar

    …. Man that’s a tough one, but I’d probably say some nice camo. Jacket, pants, gloves. Crazy to think $1000 doesn’t go very far anymore.

  • Heath's avatar

    @Hunter thanks

  • Eric's avatar

    @Heath don't underestimate the trades, my friend. We make good money WITHOUT having to spend tons on college tuition. I'm an IBEW 3rd year apprentice wireman (electrician) and I make $26/hr plus benefits. Wages vary depending on your local, and also change state to state, area to area, and trade to trade. Some places even have vacation pay (you can make money while taking time off work). Good luck in whatever you choose to do!

  • Lyndsey's avatar

    @Jeremiah D thanks for info!! I’ll be saving up!

  • Brian's avatar

    @Eric I retired from a nuclear power plant and belong to the IBEW also and made good money with no college.👍

  • Eric's avatar

    @Brian congrats brother! Solidarity. 🤜🏼⚡️

  • Jason's avatar

    450 bushmaster and amo

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