Pondering the Miles and Stories of Hunting Dog's Paws

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    Cougar? We have one I have been trying to trap or shoot for a couple years. It killed the neighbor's goats all of them, killed another neighbor's two calves, and carried off my aunt's ancient boxer (20 year old dog). This cat is a big problem. Can't use dogs cause the cat has killed many dogs that have been used to try to tree the cat. Has to be either a trap or hunt it spot and stalk. Everyone in this town, and everyone I've asked in the county, are afraid to go with me to spot and stalk this thing. I see their concern as it is just a step away from being a man eater. So I've been trying to trap and ambush this cat. I would be ecstatic if I could get it with my bow. If I got that cougar (not just any cougar, only this cougar), an elk, a moose, and a grizzly with my bow; I'd have to put the bow in a glass case and get a new bow because this one would have to retire.

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New Mexico

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