Epic Shed Hunting Season in Saskatchewan: Tait's Experience

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shed hunting48H 0M
  • Brian's avatar

    Nice job 👍 and welcome to GoWild 👍

  • Grant's avatar

    Nice. Would you sell a missed paddle ?

  • Grant's avatar


  • Everyday's avatar

    Nice! That’s quite the pile there. Do you make anything with them?

  • Tait's avatar

    @Grant sure how much

  • Tait's avatar

    @Everyday make some dog chews, keep big ones, sell most for poundage

  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice 💪welcome to Gowild

  • Michael's avatar

    Great pile! Im jealous!

  • Merritt's avatar

    Holy horns

  • Lisa's avatar

    Welcome to the GoWild Fam, Tait!

  • Samuel's avatar

    Welcome, and holy crap.

  • Kevin's avatar


  • Dan's avatar

    Dang! 😱 Nice haul! Welcome to the community! 👊🏼🍻

  • RollTruck's avatar

    Wow that is huge and awesome

  • Redbone's avatar

    Welcome man🍻

  • Princell's avatar

    God damn

  • Caleb's avatar

    How much you want for a paddle

  • Adam D's avatar

    Um... geezuz lol

  • Jared's avatar

    Well done 👍

  • Ethan's avatar

    That’s amazing!

  • Sean's avatar

    I'd say you did well haha

  • Joshua's avatar

    Dude. And I can’t even find a whitetail antler! Lol Congrats in the great work!

  • Roger's avatar

    That is amazing. Welcome to go wild ! I’m glad your here , please post more hahahaha 👍😂

  • Chris's avatar

    That's unreal this is the first year I found any but your pile is fantastic maybe next year 😆 🤣 🦌

  • Ferg's avatar

    Now that’s a result man, congrats and welcome to GoWild Tait. What you got in store for them

  • Chad's avatar

    Very nice!

  • Chris's avatar

    I would be interested in a small moose antler, price shipped to Wisconsin?

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Tait's avatar

Tait G

Saskatchewan, Canada

Sheds, hunting, fishing

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