Delicious Rabbit Stew Recipe to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

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    Rabbit is an underrated meat source. Its actually a fantastic meat.

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    @Corey when cooked in a crockpot with potatoes and vegetables and onion soup mix it comes out tasting like roast. It was delicious. Meat fell off the bone.

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    @Joseph perfect. Cutting up the meat into stew sized pieces with a light breading and deep fry is about the best way I’ve ever had rabbit. But slow cooking it sounds incredible. That’s next up on the list. Did you add a broth or just water and seasoning?

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    @Corey 1 cut up Rabbit 2 beef bouillon cubes and a pack of Lipton’s onion soup mix. 1 onion cut up and 4 potatoes cut up in cubes and I cheated a little and used a can of Veg.All. And a half a pack of Louie’s slow cooker wild game mix just to thicken it up. But make it how you like it. I just did what I thought my family would like and I was right. They Tore it up😋 I added the Veg.All the last 2 hours of the cook so they would not get soggy. I slow cooked my for 8 hours. 6hours on HIGH and 2hours on low.

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