A Natural at Turkey Hunting: My Wife's First Time Experience

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  • Brandon's avatar

    That's awesome man, seeing as Maryland is offering an apprentice license I'm hoping I can get my wife bitten by the hunting bug. Any advice on making the significant others first time hunting as enjoyable as possible?

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    Kudos Dave , you know she loves you when she gets that dolled up !!!! Definitely a natural y’all are a success before you even take a shot !!

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Brandon I know you're not asking me, lol, but I'll tell you what ruined it for me so you don't do the same thing. How's that? Ha.
    Don't be a crabby butt towards her. Cut her some slack if she doesn't do things as if she is a seasoned hunter. Be flexible and kind. The couple things he did that was good, was to ask me to lead us into where we had the blind set up for our evening hunt. He told me to pay very close attention to the trees, tree tops, and any thing that stood out along the treeline...because he said I was going to lead us both out after dark and we weren't going to use our head lamps. Something like that made me feel empowered after my success. The more involved she is, with patience leading the way....the more excited she will be about the whole experience. Point out the little things you notice during your hunt, like certain bird sounds, or the rustling of a mouse or squirrel. Make her surroundings come more alive for her, and she will fall passionately in love with hunting.

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Lisa thank you so much!

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    @Lisa it's so easy to forget the little things about hunting that got you hooked so instantly. Well not really forget but forget to put an emphasis on those things when taking a new hunter out for the first time. So that they also understand that hunting is so much more than harvesting game.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Dave, I never said anything about your Sweetheart going out...but it is completely awesome!
    @Brandon we spend so much time waiting, watching, calling...sorta fantastic to realize we're in "their house" when waiting to take them out of it. 😉 I spent 4 years going out with him before I had my bow (complicated story as to why it took that long). So during those 4 years, I learned to scout, track, set cameras, retrieve footage, set up blinds & cover them in, call, wait (lol), helped field dress, pack out, cape out, and process. I'm thankful. I've only shot at🏹 a cow elk, and missed, after I got my bow (I shoot my compound instinctively and will simply say I wasn't aiming small nor keeping my thoughts focused).
    Thanks Dave for allowing me to share here. Good memories for me

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