$5,000 Advertising Support for State Fish and Game Agencies to Boost License Sales and Wildlife Management

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  • Adam D's avatar

    That is awesome! Also super proud of the home state for coming on board. I brought GoWild up at TWRA's public comment meeting in Morristown last year for just this very reason! 👊

  • Brad's avatar

    @Adam 👊

  • John's avatar

    Good on you guys! Let me know how I can help in NC!

  • Keith's avatar

    This is amazing!!

  • @

  • Jenifer's avatar

    Big thank you to @GoWild for the support!

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  • Brad's avatar

    @Jenifer thank YOU

  • Reel Alaska's avatar

    Wow that’s eh great and all? But how about you spend that money on small business that are your members who are affected most by this? There are going to be so many family owned guide and charter businesses/guide operations.. who are going to be forced to close. Our 2020 season in Alaska is only 4/5 months. As it stands we will lose all of our cruise ship tourism (1.6million) through July 1st at a bare minimum. I pray for us all. Here in the small Island community of Ketchikan with a population of 9,000 we have 3 confirmed cases......

  • Ralph's avatar

    Awesome @Brad ! You guys are going above and beyond bro!! My QDMA needs some support! (Hint Hint) lol!

  • Will's avatar

    Glad to see my home state is the first one! TWRA has is at least being proactive and thank you Go Wild for partnering with them.

  • John's avatar

    Great people at Go Wild giving to a great cause! Praise God!

  • Brad's avatar

    @Scott Hey Scott, I hear you. We are a small business, too. GoWild isn’t a giant tech company with 40K employees and billions (or even millions) in capital. As you probably know hunters spend $2800 on average per year. By engaging them at the starting point—the license—we have the greatest impact and can best utilize the resources we have to create people who will spend that kind of money with small archery shops, retailers, guides, gas stations and thousands of small businesses. I’ll be honest with you, even pulling this off is going to be tough for our small team to do well and efficiently. We simply don’t have the personnel capacity to do grants for small businesses. In my heart and soul I wish we could because I am sure you’re going to hurt in the short term. I hope you can withstand the storm and I do wish I could give you a better shelter for the weather ahead. We thought long and hard about what we could possibly do to help and this was as much as we could bite off. I’m trying to feed families, too, and we only have so much capacity to help. I’m doing what I can. I hope you understand. Good luck and Godspeed.

  • Reel Alaska's avatar

    @Brad ya I don’t understand this utilization of funds at all as a matter of fact the more I think about it. You just said in your own words the avg hunter pays $2800 in gear, you think the $100 hunting license is a sticking point? Or something that needs to be advertised with your funds? Best wishes with your company and app.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Scott Scott the point is we are trying to bring that kind of spending back to small businesses. By encouraging people to make that first point of contact we can initiate that spend, which is critical for the economy and our industry. We’re also trying to create new hunters and anglers, (something critical for the future of your business and other small businesses) so they can go on to spend the $2800 a year with small businesses like yourself. There has never been a better time than now to earn new licensees and create more future business and support for the industry. Its basic economics—more people spending means a healthier ecosystem for us all. Best of luck this season.

  • Reel Alaska's avatar

    @Brad I hope Washington State isn’t on that list after today!

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