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Customize content to see what you want to see, and cut out what you don't. Trails are forums of content about things you love. 

  • Once in the "Trail Mix", tap the "Explore" icon (at bottom and looks like a compass). Click to choose what you're most interested in - select as many as you'd like.
  • Follow or unfollow.
  • Turn things off and on at any time.

Track Activities

Challenges turn into change. However you choose to be active, you can track your progress and share your story with GoWild’s Activity Tracking.

How to Track Your Activities

  • Open the GoWild app from your phone.
  • Tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen and then select “Activity” (top right of the screen).
  • Choose your activity and start tracking

Also See GoWild App for Garmin: The Most Robust Outdoors Activity Tracking Available Download GoWild for Garmin here.

Tell Your Stories

Build your own unique profile and begin to post content, track activities in real time, or log time for things you're doing related to the outdoor lifestyle you love!

Whether you’re discovering a new place, or trekking in familiar territory, don’t you always try to take it ALL in? Every sunset captured and mile hiked represents a small piece of your story, like rings in a tree. The GoWild app organizes, assembles and captures those details like a digital time capsule. Start yours today.

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