GoWild App for Garmin: The Most Robust Outdoors Activity Tracking Available

A phone can do a lot of things pretty good. But if you want to go beyond “pretty good” when tracking your activity, you need a tool that’s built with purpose. GoWild integrates with 
Garmin to ensure our platform can step up to the same challenges and expectations you have for yourself.

Data-Driven Tracking

The GoWild Connect IQ app combines the Garmin and GoWild's proprietary technology to capture up to 25 points of data per activity. Track and share robust digital stories, ranging from automated archery shot counts, miles hiked on hunts, scouting points of interest, and biometric data collected during any of these activities by using Connect IQ-enabled Garmin devices.

Relive the Story Like You’ve Never Experience on a Phone

What if you could actually feel what your heart rate was the second that big bull or buck stepped from the timber? Now you can.

We’ve combined Garmin’s sophisticated multi-satellite GPS tracking and biometric data sensors with our own patent pending technology to create a digital memory like you’ve never experienced before. Relive and share your hikes, hunts, archery sessions and more with a dynamic timeline, which highlights your anonymized map, varying altitude, GPS-pinned photos, and what is everyone’s “OMG moment,” the second-to-second heart rate tracking. You can feel each beat of your heart as you scroll through your hunt’s timeline.

We’ve also applied this technology to archery, hiking and scouting.


The GoWild app for Garmin features a complex archery shot detection algorithm, allowing Garmin Connect IQ-enabled smartwatches to automatically recognize when a shot is taken, without input from the shooter. Track and import individual group performance, total groups, photographs of each group, emotive ratings of the session and heart rate. Upon completion of the activity, shooters can upload summary photos from their sessions to their phone and then share with the GoWild community.

Archers can track progress with ease. Not only that, the product helps coach archers to slow down, find their anchors and avoid punching their shots with a 2 second holding period before each shot. This combined with seeing exactly which shots your heart rate spiked can help you pinpoint your target panic and work to remove it.

Track Fishing

Privately track points of interest while you enjoy fishing.

Record minute-to-minute distance traveled, elevation, and photos taken. Photos are pinned to an anonymized map, overlaying catches documented with your cell phone’s camera with the activity’s data.

Drop Points Of Interests (POIs) for your Scouts and Hunts

Our Garmin scouting and hunting integration allows hunters to save points of interest (POI), such as animal beds, game trails, trail cameras, blinds, or tree stands to their private map, even across multiple scouts. An upcoming version of GoWild app will allow the navigation to those points, as well as the ability to see them on a private map. Get to saving!  

Track Your Hikes

If you just want to head out for a hike and track your miles, heart rate, altitude and photos along the way, our GoWild app for Garmin can do that, too. Share every step.

Available for fēnix® 5X, fēnix® 5 Plus and tactix® Charlie.

Download the Connect IQ App

  1. Download the GoWild app from the Garmin Connect IQ store
  2. Sync your watch 
  3. Done! 

How to Set Up Your Garmin Device on GoWild

  1. Go to your GoWild profile and tap the settings cog icon
  2. Tap Connect to Garmin. You’ll be asked to log into your Garmin account. Sign in.
  3. Once connected, ensure your watch is connected to your phone. You may need to go to your Garmin Connect IQ app to import your activities there. As soon as they are synced to your Garmin app, go to your GoWild app and in the Trail Mix (main feed), tap the little hiking icon at the top to import your activities. Once they are imported, they will store here until you import. 

If you’re having any issues with syncing your device whatsoever, fill out the form below.