GoWild is the fastest growing community in the outdoors. Our audience is passionate, and when it comes to marketing content, they've proven to be much more actively engaged. 

Find Your Exact Target Customer

The GoWild app is adding hundreds of people per day—and they're your exact target audience. These are hunters, anglers, hikers, campers and more. Our approach to advertising gets you closer to your target than you can get on other social networks, because we track an outdoorsman or woman's actual activity. We know how much they hunt deer vs. fish, and what species they are interested in. 

Support a Business That Believes In Yours

The largest players in digital advertising all have policies against firearms, knives, and even outdoor-related content. Accounts are being censored, content is being deleted and large brand profiles have even been completely removed from some platforms. When you advertise on these networks, you're supporting powerful companies that do not support the very industry your company needs to survive.

GoWild not only supports the outdoors industry, our team is made up of hunters, anglers and outdoors enthusiasts. We want you to succeed because it means we can grow with you. And that means we build a larger user base, which we can send to you for business. It's all cyclical—we're in this together. But only if we act together.

Types of Advertising

GoWild's advertising offerings extend far beyond our app. You can sponsor brand emails or native advertising content in the app, or if you're looking for a quick way to spread the word about your product to hundreds of thousands of people, you can tap into our network of Pro Staff members. These are highly qualified and thoroughly vetted through a multi-round hiring process. We have dozens of advertising options and can work with any budget.