GoWild Fishing Shirt


The GoWild Fishing Shirt shows off your passion, and lets folks know that no matter where you are, you'd rather be wettin' lines in the wild. 

This is a limited-edition, screen printed shirt designed by Donovan Sears, the same visual wizard behind the GoWild app. With a GoWild logo crafted perfectly into the bass, this shirt is a work of art. 

This shirt is a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend, and perfect for your fishing trips or a day's hike. Lightweight and breathable, it stays comfortable even if you're a heavy sweater or it's raining. 

Soft & Durable

You may not be soft, but our shirts are. This bass shirt is so comfortable, we'll be shocked if it's not your instant favorite. Our shirts are all very durable, too. They can handle more than twice as many laundry runs before fading when compared to 100% cotton shirts. 

Fit: These are unisex shirts. This shirt fits fairly true to size, but it is a fashion/athletic cut. If you're in between sizes, go one size up.

Limited Run: All GoWild shirts are one-time runs, screened by hand in Louisville, Ky. These are works of art—not mass produced cotton commodities. Quantities are tight, especially in outlier sizes. Grab your limited edition bass shirt while you can.

 Free shipping on all shirt orders! 

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