GoWild Bulletproof Glasses


Let the Shot Ring Out

If you're the type to get a little wild after a drink, you need these glasses. They're high proof for your friends that you're not only loaded—you're bulletproof. 

Each glass is handmade in the USA. The high-quality, heavy duty glasses are each embedded with a real, lead-free .308 bullet. Glasses come in a set—one etched with the GoWild script logo, and another with the Wolfpack logo.  

The larger glasses are 11oz rocks glasses—perfect for bourbon on the rocks, whiskey neat, or just making that soda look really freaking cool. Shot glasses are standard-size 2 oz glasses. 

Free shipping on all glass orders! 

Return Policy

Glass is not actually bulletproof. Don't go testing that out after a few drinks. We will not refund glasses broken by stupidity.

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