Get Lost Long Sleeve Shirt


There's something ironic yet alluring about a shirt covered in a topo map while telling you to "Get Lost." It's a subtle spin on "the journey is the destination."

This is a heathered navy blue shirt. It is high-quality, poly-rich blended long sleeve with a single color screenprint. With a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend, this shirt is perfect for your outdoor activities. It stays light and flexible, even when you're covered in sweat or in a light rain. 

Super Soft & Durable

We know you're not soft, but these shirts are. They're also durable—handling at least twice as many laundry runs before fading when compared to 100% cotton shirts. 

About the Get Lost Line

The GoWild "Get Lost" line features limited-edition products with one thing in mind—getting to a place where nothing has to be on your mind. We celebrate and promote wandering in the wild and losing the everyday distractions. Don't actually get lost, though. That'd be bad. Other items are the Get Lost Hoodie and Get Lost Field Notebooks


These are unisex shirts. They fit pretty true to size. It's more of a fashion/athletic cut shirt, so if you're in between sizes, go one size up.

Limited Run 

This is a one-time run for the "Get Lost" line. Quantities are tight, especially in outlier sizes. 

Free shipping on all shirt orders! 

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