GoWild Giveaway & Q&A: Rugged Meats, Free-Range Boar Sticks

GoWild Giveaway & Q&A: Rugged Meats, Free-Range Boar Sticks

November 25, 2017 1 Comment

Rugged Meats delicious meat sticks


From the first time you talk to Jim Kuntzelman, you can feel his passion. We just met Jim this year, and have been so impressed with his commitment to his company, the outdoors and his family. Jim and his wife co-founded Rugged Meats, a company dedicated to making free-range, wild-caught, forest-raised wild boar. 

And we can say from experience—this stuff is delicious

These meats are meant to provide nutrition on the go. Whether you're hiking for the day, or hunting on a weekend trip, Rugged Meats are absolutely perfect for the trip. They're lightweight, don't spoil in temperature swings, and did we mention they taste great? They don't have any added nitrates or MSG and they're completely gluten-free! What more can you ask for in a snack stick?

From the first time we talked to Jim, what we were most impressed with is his passion to do this the hard way. Jim knows he could access farm-raised pork easier, but that's not his brand. Rugged Meats is made with wild hog, so when you take a bite of your meat stick, give a nod of the hat to thank Jim for also helping to combat the pig boom, too. 

We recently sat down with Jim to ask him a few questions. Be sure to read to the bottom—it has instructions on how to enter to win this week's prize! 

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Q&A with Jim Kuntzelman, Founder of Rugged Meats

Why should folks give Rugged Meats a try?
Rugged Meats is not only the best tasting, but also the healthiest meat snack on the market. Using 100% wild game in our snack sticks, and not cutting it with domestic meat like most companies to save on cost means you get the absolute highest quality product every time you take a bite! Also, because we start with the highest quality meats, we only add simple spices for seasoning. We don't need to add nasty chemicals and crazy things to cover up the disgusting taste and texture of pink slime and mystery meat!

Why did you start Rugged Meats?
I was a full-time firefighter and have always been involved in fitness and health. We were constantly getting interrupted at meal times and would be out of the station for long periods of time. I always tried to keep something on the engine with me to hold me over but most protein bars taste disgusting or simply melt and most meat snacks aren't fit to feed your dog. We set out to figure out a better solution and Rugged Meats was born!

Why all wild meat?
We believe that the closer that we can get to wild meat the better the nutritional quality will be. Wild, free-range meat has more of the really important stuff like omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and other incredibly important micronutrients.

Most, if not all "wild game" jerky products use wild game like elk or venison that is raised on a farm. So while it is "technically" wild game meat it is nutritionally nothing like what is running around in the woods. The wild boar meat that we use, is literally trapped in the wild, transported to a USDA inspected processor and killed right away. So we get all of the benefits of a truly wild game in a product that we make commercially available. Plus, we are able to take a problem, like wild boar overpopulation, and turn it into a delicious solution.


Enter to Win 

We have a ton of Jim's meat sticks on hand for some lucky Wild Child. In order to win, you have to go to the Giveaways Trail in the GoWild app, and answer the questions. We'll post plenty of opportunities for folks to win this week. Don't forget, the more you enter, the better your odds! You can learn more about Rugged Meats here

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Jon Swenson
Jon Swenson

November 27, 2017

BBQ and Cheese venison snack sticks

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