The Best Hunting Apps for Turkey Season

The Best Hunting Apps for Turkey Season

February 28, 2020

The Best Hunting Apps for Turkey Season

Once the big game season ends, it’s never too early to start thinking about that morning thunder. That is, of course, our pursuit of the great wild turkey.  

For those who tagged out early in whitetail or elk season, turkey season can take forever to arrive. But once it does, there is hardly anything better than hearing that first gobble of the season. Faint, but there. Then more. And soon, the thunder rolls. 

This is your moment. But hopefully you didn’t want until now to prepare. 

Don’t worry, we’re not quite there yet. You still have time to prep. When it comes to prep, there are a few different approaches. In this modern era, there are a few ways to use technology. One can mindlessly learn how to do something, or they can use technology to convert knowledge into wisdom. We prefer the latter, so here are our tips for using apps to make you better at what you love to do outside (turkey hunting). We mean that—truly better. 

In short, these are the best hunting apps we know of for getting better at turkey hunting. 

No. 1 - GoWild Hunting App

OK, you probably saw this one coming since it’s our app. But here’s the thing you may not have thought of: GoWild is one of the most powerful resources for hunters in the world. Think about this: How many times have you wondered something about animal behavior, such as calls, bedding sites, calls, etc.? How many times have you been able to ask an army of experts without leaving your couch? That’s the power of GoWild. 

GoWild isn’t about giving you an app to keep you from the outdoors—it’s an awesome tool to help you understand how to have success in the outdoors. Using tools like GoWild’s robust Near Me feature, you can ask local turkey hunters for their opinions. GoWild Gearbox can help you find the best gear for you and your region. You can use GoWild Trophies to store your turkey’s stats year after year, helping you relive those wonderful memories. 

No. 2 - HuntStand Hunting App

It doesn’t matter if you’re on private or public land, knowing the property lines is absolutely critical. But so much of the mapping app discussion gets hung up on just that. It’s not enough to know where you stand, you need to know your surroundings, tree cover, topo lines, map customization, and more.
A mapping app we’ve come to really appreciate is the HuntStand hunting map app. With features like distance and area measurement, solunar harvest logs, tasks management, and, one of our favorite features, real ultra high resolution printed maps, it’s hard to beat HuntStand’s offerings. In fact, their product is not only the most robust on the market, it’s the most affordable. HuntStand actually has a really impressive weather offering, too. 




No. 3 - DeerCast Weather App

OK, we know, we know. A) We just told you the HuntStand weather feature is good (still true) and B) It’s not deer season. But still, the DeerCast app does have a really good user experience (we’re app nerds and take pride in finding other good well designed apps). While one of the app’s best features is summarizing all of the weather conditions into a “Poor, OK, Good, Great” review for deer hunting, the app still does a great job of bringing all of the weather stats you care about into a nice-and-easy-to-read column. 


No. 4 - Turkey Tech 

Hands down, this is one of our favorite apps for any hunting season (did you think this list was in order?). Scott Ellis and Tayler Tibbitts teamed up to build an awesome app to help you hone in your turkey calling skills. 
With Turkey Tech, you can hear Scott, a three time grand national turkey calling champion, doing a variety of calls. The best part? They have real live turkeys doing the call, too. You can actually record you practicing your call, and compare it to Scott or the turkeys (he modestly says the turkeys are better, but it’s an amazing resource to have Scott teaching you to call). 

This app has more calls available than any other app we’ve seen. And for the price of a single coffee, it’s one heck of a deal, too! 

What did we miss?

Got an app category we missed? Or think you have an app better than what we recommended? Let’s hear it. The best part of hunting is that everyone is always learning and always evolving for as long as they’re listening. So hit us up with your suggestions and feedback! 

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