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GoWild's John Hunter: Western Elk Hunt with Team SIXSITE

By John Hunter | GoWild Team Member, Hunter & Angler John shares the story of his first ever Elk hunt at White River Mountain Ranch with Team SIXSITE. I’ll be the first one to admit, that up until last year I thought hunting the North American Elk would be an easy task. Oh, how I was wrong.  After a tough public land hunt in the fall of 2017 in southwest Colorado where I came home empty handed, I was recently presented the opportunity of a lifetime to hunt at the magnificent White River Mountain Ranch. White River is one of the largest remaining intact ranches of its kind in northwest Colorado. Totaling nearly 30,000 acres, its enormity is hard to fathom. Not...

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GoWild Video: How to create mock scrapes for deer season

A well done mock scrape will drive a buck crazy GoWild team member and big-time hunter, John Hunter, takes a few minutes to show how he uses scents to create mock scrapes. And this isn't just a fancy schmancy video with no results—John has the footage to prove it works. Check out the video to see just what he lures to his stand.  John recommends using Tink's for your scrapes. "It lures them in big time." After watching the video, you'll have no doubt the product's scent works. But another thing we like about it is it's incredibly quiet—almost silent—as you apply it. At this time of year, you never know when a deer is going to run out in front of...

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Giveaway: Life-Size Elk Targets

GIVEAWAY: LIFE-SIZE ELK TARGETS | $255 VALUE Braden Todd grew up hunting whitetail deer and turkeys with his dad in Pennsylvania. He's taken those skills and traditions with him throughout his life. When he moved to Colorado, he was excited to hunt mule deer and elk. He just didn't realize the pursuit would put him on a seven year journey that would change his life.  Braden wanted to do his best to prepare to ethically and quickly harvest an elk when the time came, but he was disappointed with the targets available.  "My target options were just circles or severely reduced images of an animal," Braden said. "So I developed my own personal target and was amazed by the responses to it. When at the...

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