Restless Native Podcast Has a New Website

After nearly 30 episodes, Restless Native is moving its web presence from here to a new website, found at

The show has built a loyal following, and it was time for Restless Native to find its own home where listeners can more easily sort shows, find bonus content, buy merchandise and learn more about the team. The new website does all of that, in addition to allowing for more flexibility and customization with posting. 

Restless Native has featured some incredible guests thus far:

  • Hannah Barron, Social Media Superstar, Hunter & Angler
  • Adam Weatherby, Weatherby Firearms
  • Ben O'Brien, Hunter, Writer
  • Jared Boyce, YouTuber (known as Outlaw)
  • Cody Rich, Well-Known Podcaster, Hunter & Entrepreneur 
  • Kimmi Greentree, Bowhunter
  • Jeremiah Doughty, Wild Game Chef, Hunter & Angler
  • Stephen Holley, Navy SEAL, Founder of SIXSITE
  • Many, many more fantastic interviews

The show has also received many great praises from GoWild users, and influencers alike. 

"Brad is a master storyteller, and a podcast is his natural domain,"said Gabriella Hoffman Outdoors & Political Writer. "There are a lot of outdoor podcasts in an increasingly crowded space, but Restless Native is different. The guests are interesting, as are the initiatives announced. Definitely subscribe if you haven’t already!"

To see the new website, visit We will continue to tease the shows here for now but all content is available at the Restless Native website. 

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