Outdoor Access Turkey Hunt Sweepstakes

Outdoor Access Turkey Hunt Sweepstakes

March 03, 2019 1 Comment

Outdoor Access Turkey Hunt Sweepstakes
Outdoor Access Launches Sweepstakes with GoWild
to Promote Hunting Mentorship

This Sweepstakes ended on March 23rd, 2019 and is no longer accepting entries.

We have partnered with Outdoor Access to help more hunters and anglers take to the woods or water this year. We are kicking off a series of efforts to get more people enjoying the great outdoors – whether that’s for the first time, or for the first time in a long while.

Outdoor Access, often referred to as the “Airbnb of the outdoors,” serves as an easy resource for GoWild to direct hunters, anglers and others who are looking for private land to enjoy their favorite outdoor recreation. GoWild, in turn, serves as a place for Outdoor Access’ members to turn to for help with questions, as well as, share experiences and help build community around their shared love for the outdoors. The duo’s first initiative is promoting the importance of mentorship in hunting by sponsoring a parent-child turkey hunting sweepstakes this spring. The National Wild Turkey Federation is also promoting this hunt as a part of its Hunting Heritage program.

One winner will receive an all-expense-paid turkey hunting trip for two (one adult and one child). The parent and child will hunt on an Outdoor Access property, with the help and guidance of Erin Crooks, the founder of Raise ‘Em Outdoors, a non-profit dedicated to teaching kids about wildlife conservation and the respect for our outdoor heritage. 

“The two biggest challenges a new hunter faces are the lack of mentors, and the lack of access,” said Buck Robinson, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Outdoor Access. “Together with GoWild, we’re conquering those conventional barriers, and this hunt helps us showcase just how easy it is to try hunting.”

The hunt will be taking place within a short drive of Richmond, Virginia, showcasing how easy it is to get outside, no matter where you live. The hunt will take place May 4-5, 2019.

Outdoor Access was founded as a land rental solution, providing easy access for hunting, fishing, camping and other recreation. The company has gained significant steam among the casual hunter, an audience the entire industry is recruiting in its R3 movement (Recruit, Retain and Re-activate). This includes new hunters, who were reluctant to really take up the sport until they had a safe place to hunt, as well as hunters who had otherwise given it up due to loss of their favorite hunting spot. “Thanks to Outdoor Access, a hunter NEVER has to worry about having a safe, private place to go,” Robinson explains.

“You’ll hear concerns throughout the rest of the industry—we have an access problem,” said Brad Luttrell, the Co-Founder and CEO of GoWild. “Uber, Airbnb and Amazon all made something easier and more accessible, and those respective industries are growing because of it. Outdoor Access is rapidly transforming the way we share land resources, which creates opportunities for hunters. I hope this sweepstakes can help folks realize how easy it is to try hunting.”

Entry of the sweepstakes is free. Parents can submit an essay (up to 300 words) on why they want their child to be a lifelong hunter. The GoWild and Outdoor Access teams will choose 3 finalists and the GoWild community will vote for a final winner. All of the details can be found within the GoWild app (Download GoWild Now) by searching “Sweepstakes.” Click here to view the full terms and conditions.

About Outdoor Access

Outdoor Access enables lovers of the outdoors to book their trips at OutdoorAccess.com in a process similar to reserving a hotel room or vacation house. It now features nearly 500 private property listings in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York, that its nearly 4,000 members can use for a variety of outdoor recreational activities. In 2019, Outdoor Access will be expanding to South Carolina and Eastern Texas.

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Kory Slye
Kory Slye

March 08, 2019

I am 34 years old and I’ve been hunting for most of my life. I’m a hunter because my Dad took me hunting as a child. If we are in a room together for more than five minutes the hunting stories are sure to start. From the time my Dad took an unplanned swim in a stream in the middle of December, to when we walked up to my first buck with a bow. The memories we’ve made together while hunting together are priceless. These memories will be with me long after my Dad leaves this Earth. That’s why I cherish each and every one, as well as appreciate the time we still are able to hunt together.
These memories are also why I take my daughter hunting with me. I want her to be a lifelong hunter so we can continue to make memories together in the field. I want her, and her brothers, to look back at their childhoods with a sense of happy nostalgia. I want them to reminisce about hunting with their “old man” and the outdoor adventures they experienced. I want them to fondly talk about how we were together when they field dress their first buck, or pull the trigger on their first gobbler, or narrowly missed that black bear. These memories will help create that unbreakable bond between a parent and child.
In the end, what we are left with are our memories and experiences. I want my daughter and sons to be lifelong hunters because there are no better memories made or experiences had than hunting together with your family and friends.

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