More Hunting Brands Have Been Added to GoWild's Gearbox!

More Hunting Brands Have Been Added to GoWild's Gearbox!

March 30, 2020

GoWild members spoke up about what hunting brands you would like to see in Gearbox and we listened. We just added throusands of new products from brands like Sitka, Scent Blocker, Kryptek, Hot Shot, GoPro (and many more). You can now find these brands in Gearbox for purchase, tag them in comments and posts to dialogue about with other members, add your reviews, or add them to your Setups!


Sitka Gear

Sitka Gear prides itself on creating gear for form AND function with prized technology and innovative designs. They have customized gear systems for men and women that are each purpose built for your hunt. If you're interested in Whitetail, check out the Sitka Optifade Elevated II collection in Gearbox. Or if Big Game is your thing, make sure you search for their Open Country collection.


Scent Blocker

Scent Blocker® is a premier scent elimination brand that will conceal you from game's eyes and nose. We've added garments for all types of hunts ranging from their highly rated Drencher Jacket to the Scent Blocker Axis Lightweight Pant.



A technical hunting clothing line built on Military tactical apparel attributes. Gearbox now features bow and hunting cases from Kryptec, along with pieces from their lightweight, Valhalla collection that includes apparel for men, women and youth!


Hot Shot

If there is a hunting accessory to be had, Hot Shot probably makes it. They offer the most needed accessories in the most demanded camoflauge patterns. Gloves, beanies, ghillie suits and hand warmers with mobile phone compartments can all be found in Gearbox.



GoPro makes "the world's most versatile camera." If you have watched Youtube videos of someone in action hunting, fishing or snowboarding, it's likely they were shot with a GoPro. You can not only find their cameras in Gearbox, but also the accessories needed to mount them. Including bow mounts, chest mounts, shotgun mounts and more.


So What Now?

What do you do with all this gear? Well that's a loaded question.
  • Add Gear To Your Wishlist: If you see a piece of gear you want but aren't ready to make a purchase, add it to your Wishlist and keep an eye on the prices in one place!
  • Ask For Recommendations: Ask a question to GoWild members by creating a post and tagging gear in it. The GoWild community loves to drop knowledge.
  • Create Setups: Add the gear you already own to a Setup to easily show off or recommend your collection to others.
  • Buy Gear: Once you're ready to purchase gear, buy it through Gearbox. Remember, 1% of proceeds from all purchases made in Gearbox are donated to Conservation groups!


To learn more about Gearbox and how to create Setups, tag gear and more, check out our Gearbox Tips and Tricks

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