Let's Teach Some New Hunters How to Hunt Turkeys

Let's Teach Some New Hunters How to Hunt Turkeys

March 31, 2020

Let's Teach Some New Hunters How to Hunt Turkeys!  

How to turkey hunt
Share your turkey advice on GoWild so we can help create a new generation of hunters this spring. 


GoWild and the Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports have partnered up to help new turkey hunters have a great season, even during the social distancing era.

GoWild, a social media app for outdoor enthusiasts, collected questions from beginner turkey hunters. The duo is now calling for help and advice from veteran hunters in answering these questions to help bring in a new generation of hunters. 

“We’ve never had a better time in the modern era to become a hunter,” said Brad Luttrell, the Cofounder, CEO of GoWild. “One of the only places you can exercise safely is outside. Grocery stores are suffering shortages. And time outside is critical for your mental wellbeing. We hope this online mentorship effort informs people on how to have a fun, safe and successful turkey season.”

The Council and social media company are calling for veteran turkey hunters to record themselves answering a few of the top questions (listed below) and to post their advice on GoWild in the Turkey Hunting Trail (an easy-to-find forum within GoWild).  

“With the hunting community’s help, we can crowdsource answers for new hunters as they join the ranks,” said Samantha Pedder, the Director of Operations for the Council.

“Imagine when you started hunting and the value of having a national community at your fingertips, ready to help you learn. It’s a truly awesome resource, but only with the help of veterans who will volunteer their time now. We hope partners join us to help get as many new hunters afield as we can.”How to Help

Hunters can submit answers via video on GoWild's Turkey Trail (2 minutes max length) and use #wildturkeytalk on other social platforms. 

Questions Asked by New Hunters

  1. How do you get the tom away from the hens?
  2. What is the best decoy set up for spring turkey?
  3. How do you select an area to hunt turkey if you’ve never hunted turkey before?
  4. When should I not use decoys?
  5. What kind of turkey call should I use if this is my first time?
  6. What is the best tick repellent?
  7. What is the best way to hunt if you dont have a blind or turkey tail to hide you?
  8. Is there a time that I don’t use a call?
  9. Will a camo net work as good until I can get a blind?
  10. Is there REALLY a big difference in the plethora of diaphragm calls?
  11. Mouth calls, box calls, pot calls, if you can pick one, what is the most versatile?
  12. What is the best turkey recipe?
  13. I'm going for the first time on public lands. My son says I pack too heavy. What do I need with me besides what I need to keep me going?
  14. Will a 20 gauge birdshot work? That is all I have.
  15. Any words of advice for a first time bow turkey hunter?
  16. Any tips for hunting turkey in the rain?
  17. From how far away can you call a turkey?

 The Council and GoWild will also pull the top tips together and share the product for your use in the coming weeks during turkey season!

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