Houston Safari Club Foundation & GoWild Announce National Conservation Week

Houston Safari Club Foundation & GoWild Announce National Conservation Week

July 16, 2018 1 Comment

Effort Aims to Activate Hunters & Anglers to Take Action the Week of Aug. 12

Conservation can and should go beyond buying a hunting or fishing license. And one of the best ways we can all help is with our time.

Houston Safari Club Foundation and GoWild have teamed up to promote an entire week dedicated to educating hunters and anglers on how to get involved and make an impact beyond their dollars.

"We wanted to find a way to push beyond our license dollars to encourage folks to get out and enjoy nature while getting our hands dirty for the right reasons.”

- Brad Luttrell, Co-Founder of Gowild

“Conservation means something different to all of us,” said Joe Betar, Executive Director of Houston Safari Club Foundation. “Our goal with this week is to get people involved in whatever area they’re passionate about, because together, we can really make an impact overall.”

Houston Safari Club Foundation’s mission is to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation and the promotion of hunting heritage. While the group is based in Texas and focuses primarily on hunting, National Conservation Week poses a chance for hunters and anglers nationwide to band together and make an impact.

“Hunters love to call themselves conservationists, and many of us truly are,” said Brad Luttrell, Co-Founder of GoWild. “But we wanted to find a way to push beyond our license dollars to encourage folks to get out and enjoy nature while getting our hands dirty for the right reasons.”

Date & Details on How to Get Involved

Together the two organizations are advocating that hunters and anglers find a way to get outside and get involved for the first National Conservation Week, August 12 - 18. These efforts might be clearing trails, stream cleanups, planting trees, assisting with animal counts, habitat improvements, or fish sampling. And there are dozens more ways.

Volunteers are encouraged to check their state’s fish and wildlife agency’s website for local opportunities. Many states have sections outlining areas where they need help.

“It’s easier than you think,” said Luttrell. “Kentucky, for example, even created an app for tracking turkey numbers this year. Simply by getting out and helping track the population count you’re participating in the system in a meaningful way. Our team is doing a stream cleanup. We can all find a little way to help make a big impact overall."

Triple Action

In promotion of conservation efforts and the first National Conservation Week, GoWild is introducing Surge Points. Users within the GoWild app log a variety of activities to earn points, which track your outdoorsmanship. One of those log options is "Conservation Efforts." All users who log time for their National Conservation Week time, they'll get 3X their normal points.

Get Involved! August 12 - 18

Tips for making the first National Conservation Week a success!

  • Reach out to your state's fish and wildlife agency for help or ideas. Many have ways you can help right now listed on their websites. US Fish & Wildlife has a ton of resources, too. 
  • If you're connected to a group like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited or National Wild Turkey Foundation, check their websites or reach out to a representative to see how you can make an impact through volunteering. 
  • Grab some friends and get outside. A stream or habitat cleanup can be fun as a team outing for your company or a weekend event for your friends! Just make sure you're following the state's guidelines on access. 

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John Jones
John Jones

August 06, 2018

This is awesome let’s practice this daily. Leave no Trace

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