GoWild Giveaway: Ramcat Broadheads

GoWild Ramcat Giveaway

GIVEAWAY: Original Ramcat Broadheads & New Ramcat Savage Mechanical | 3 Winners Chosen | Value: $80/Each Prize

Deer hunters spend a lot of money every year. $2,800 on average. If you're like us, that comes a little at a time—a bottle of Tink's here, a few more layers of camo there. If that's you, you've certainly ran into Ramcat Broadheads. They're available at Wal-Mart, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops and most sporting goods and archery shops.

If Ramcat didn't find its way into your shopping cart the first time, here's your chance. Remember, they hit like a Ram and cut like a Cat!

First of Its Kind

Ramcat broadheads are the first blade over shaft broadheads on the market. Ramcats have been independently tested with crossbows and compound bows and have been found to be the most accurate fixed blade broadhead on the market.

Ramcat puts the hurt on em

Accurate, Quiet and Powerful

Both the 100-grain and 125-grain Ramcats show the same accuracy as your field points because they are a one-piece, stainless steel body ferrule that have a Hydroshock Self-Centering Chisel Tip with patented deep lobes and with Aero Insert Technology. The patented deep lobes create an airfoil that drafts wind over the blades and disallows windplaning. The Aero Insert Technology is a double O-ring system on the threaded shank which ensures that your broadhead and arrow are perfectly concentric.

Ramcat BroadheadsHow to Win a Ramcat Gift Package

The Ramcat Broadheads are not only field point accurate but they are deadly quiet in flight. Ramcats are endorsed by the MI, MD, and MS Crossbow Federations and have been awarded a 5-star rating by Crossbow Magazine. Ramcat offers the Deep Six Ramcats, which will accommodate the Easton Deep Six arrows.

Does all that sound good? Ready to put some Ramcats in your quiver? We can help with that. Download the GoWild app on iTunes and check out the Giveaways Trail. You'll see a post from GoWild with a question. Answer that question for a chance to win a Ramcat care package that includes a pack of original Ramcats and the new Savage Mechanicals. We'll have multiple questions and three winners in total this week. Remember—the more you enter, the more chances you have to win! 

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  • Ben Cayson

    Thankful for a healthy and happy family, and being able to enjoy the great outdoors with them.

  • Mike Devore

    I started with a rifle a couple years ago and shot my first buck! It was fun and exciting, but wasn’t challenging enough. So I am starting my hunting life with a bow! So challenging and that’s why I love it! I might not fill a tag every year, but the adventures are there! I am completely addicted now!

  • Ryan Doering

    I love the whole process around bow hunting. Shooting is a year round commitment, scouting in the mountains as soon as the snow melts, hitting the trails running, sleeping on the mountain and of course the close encounters with the animals we hunt.

  • Tyler Deneut

    RAMCAT broad head giveaway, I love to use a bow, it’s not loud and don’t want spook deer as much as a gun, and bow season allows for the deer to be less pushed because there isn’t gun shots going off all the time. It also makes me feel like an Indian with a bow, just feels so right.

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