GoWild Becomes First App to Help Locate Hunters & Anglers By Interest

GoWild Becomes First App to Help Locate Hunters & Anglers By Interest

September 06, 2019

GoWild, the activity tracking and social media app for outdoor enthusiasts, has launched a feature that is the first of its kind. As of today, members can not only find hunters and anglers near them, they can filter them by activity using the new “Near Me” feature to filter down to an exact interest. 

Curious on rut action and want to check in with deer hunters near you? Easy, use GoWild’s Near Me filter to locate whitetail hunters in your area.  

Want to see how the ducks are flying for other hunters in your flyway? Check your GoWild account. 

Ready to see what flies anglers are having luck with near you? Yep, GoWild. 

“GoWild has grown our member base 200 percent over the last six months, which gave us the volume of content and participants to make this update possible,” said GoWild Cofounder, CEO, Brad Luttrell. “Instead of posting and asking what other folks are seeing, the new ‘Near Me’ feature pulls that content for you so you can cut straight into asking questions and getting answers that make you better. It’s easy, effortless and infinitely increases the utility of GoWild while providing valuable data about your exact region.”

How to Use It

To use the feature, GoWild members can tap the Compass to drill into specific interests, then simply tap “Near Me” to find content that is both in their state, and within a few hours driving distance of them. GoWild has more than 50 topics to filter, such as Deer Hunting, Fly Fishing, Duck Hunting, Elk Hunting, Trail Cameras plus many more. From there, it’s easy to interact with locals and learn about what’s going on regionally. 

This Year: Rut Tracking

GoWild’s team will be monitoring for spikes in activity in certain areas to use the platform to alert hunters that the rut may be picking up. With the community posting its successful hunts actively, the app’s team believe they can help hunters make the most out of their time. 

“Time is valuable,” said Luttrell. “Our research indicates time is the biggest reason people don’t hunt these days. We have a product that can help you have more information at your fingertips to make the most out of your time. We can’t all spend a month in the backcountry. For the average hunter, like myself and many of our members, the more information we have, the better we can make decisions for today’s busy lifestyle.”

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