GoWild and Garmin® Launch Hunting and Archery Activity Tracking Platform

GoWild and Garmin® Launch Hunting and Archery Activity Tracking Platform

January 09, 2019 1 Comment

The archery portion of the integration automatically counts shots, track yardage and grouping stats, captures and allows you to relive your heart rate, organizes photos and more. 

LOUISVILLE, KY.— GoWild, an outdoors activity tracking and social media platform, announces the launch of its new Garmin Connect IQ™ app. Through this integration, GoWild’s community members will have the ability to track and share robust digital stories, ranging from automated archery shot counts, miles hiked on hunts, scouting points of interest, and biometric data collected during any of these activities by using Connect IQ-enabled Garmin devices. Archers can track progress with ease, and hunters can relive the exact moment when their heart rate spiked in the presence of the bull or buck of their dreams.

GoWild Garmin Archery App

The GoWild Connect IQ app combines the two companies’ proprietary technology to capture over 25 points of data. Similar to the score keeping feature on the Garmin Xero™ A1i and A1 bow sights, a new archery shot detection algorithm widget allows Garmin Connect IQ-enabled smartwatches to automatically recognize when a shot is taken, without input from the shooter. The GoWild Connect IQ app tracks and imports individual group performance, total groups, photographs of each group, emotive ratings of the session and heart rate. Upon completion of the activity, shooters can upload summary photos from their sessions to their phone and then share with the GoWild community.

“The GoWild Connect IQ app allows a shooter to capture rich quantitative and qualitative data,” said GoWild Co-Founder and CEO, Brad Luttrell. “More importantly, it allows people to engage with and learn from an active community of archers. You can compare yourself to shooters who identify as your same skill level. And if users are tracking their progress through all of 2019, we’ll have some amazing analytics to share, such as total arrows shot, average yardage, average heart rate and how that compares to others.”

Garmin archery app

The GoWild Connect IQ app and GoWild integration tracks over 25 data points, providing the most sophisticated outdoors story ever told. 

In addition to GoWild Connect IQ app, activity logs from a wide range of Garmin devices can be shared on GoWild’s platform (available for iPhone and Android). Community members can relive hunts, seeing peak moments in their outdoor recreation. The GoWild integration anchors your phone or DSLR’s photos to your map, allowing you to see exactly where you were when a photo was taken (maps are anonymized and do not share actual locations, only distance traveled). It allows you to feel your heartbeat through the phone and relive those exhilarating moments from the field.

“The GoWild Connect IQ app represents a new step forward in connecting the outdoor community. We are proud to work with GoWild to give outdoor enthusiasts the ability to enhance their outdoor experience,” said Nick Kral, senior product manager at Garmin. “The app provides users the ability to showcase their outdoor passion to other outdoor enthusiasts in unique ways, whether it be from the hours spent practicing archery to scouting in preparation for a hunt. In addition, this system offers individuals a never-before-seen view of their own outdoor skills through data point capture, giving users an opportunity to make technique improvements.”

GoWild Connect IQ app’s scouting integration allows hunters to save points of interest, such as animal beds, game trails, trail cameras, or tree stands to their private map, even across multiple scouts. An upcoming version of GoWild app will allow the navigation to those points, as well as the ability to see them on a private map.

Upon collecting enough comparative archery data, GoWild will launch an updated app, which will make technique or gear recommendations to community members based on how other shooters with similar skill sets perform. GoWild and Garmin have an additional 12 integrations planned to increase user experience on the GoWild platform.

The GoWild Connect IQ app is compatible with Connect IQ enabled smartwatches, including the fēnix® 5X, fēnix 5 Plus series, and tactix® Charlie. GoWild users with non-Connect IQ devices can still import data to GoWild eco-system through Garmin Connect.  

The app can be found in Garmin’s Connect IQ store by searching for “GoWild.” This collaboration is launched in conjunction with the 2019 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show in Louisville. Attendees can learn more at the Garmin booth (#233).

About GoWild

GoWild is the most active, fastest growing social media and activity tracking platform for outdoors enthusiasts. The GoWild app is free. GoWild is headquartered in Louisville, Ky. Download the app for Android or iPhone at timetogowild.com.

About Garmin International, Inc.

Garmin International, Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN). Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in Switzerland, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Garmin, fēnix and tactix are registered trademarks and Connect IQ and Xero are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.

All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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August 20, 2019

I practice field archery and I’m searching a Garmin App that could help me tracking the paths of the field archery range and recording scores. I’ve got a Garmin Forerunner 935: I think that the Go Wild app is the nearest thing to what I’m looking for, but I don’t think that it is possible to install it on my watch, right?
There’s something in your catalogue that could help me? Thank you so much.

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