Four Resolutions for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Four Resolutions for the Outdoor Enthusiast

January 08, 2020

It’s that time of year where we are looking for a fresh start or a continuation of forward momentum. This is a great time to set your targets for the year ahead. Many of us have our eyes set on the outdoors. Whether you want to set your focus on better target practice, more hiking trails, more days casting that line or more time in the tree stand, here are four tips that can help you achieve your best year in the outdoors. 

Record Your Goals
What do you hope to achieve this year in the great wide open? Setting a goal is the first step to success as you make a clear intention on what you want to achieve. Are you wanting to practice your archery skills more, hike more frequently, give your time to conservation efforts? Or perhaps you have a bucket list you are trying to complete. Post your goals in GoWild so other members can see it and help hold you accountable. You can also revisit your goals on your profile as a reminder.

Small Adventure More
You don’t have to wait until you have trekked the Grand Canyon or caught your PB Smallmouth to share your story. Even small hikes, shed hunting and pond fishing days are worth logging as an adventure. You might find all those small activities add up over time and will ultimately create dozens of hours worth of adventure, gained knowledge and increased happiness throughout the year.

Log Your Achievements
Of course, when you find yourself achieving greatness, make sure you share it and get the points! Log your big bucks, monster bass, toms, elks and the like. Get those points accrued and share your story with others while recording your goals. These points will start to add up fast and you will have created a record of your trophy on your profile to always look back on or quickly show-off to others.

Share Your Knowledge
One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing you’ve helped another accomplish their goals. While you’re in the midst of accomplishing your goals, know that someone else may be still trying to get to a goal you’ve already reached. Providing feedback and advice to others not only provides them with knowledge but also helps build their confidence. Keep an eye out for others asking questions about gear, fishing, hiking, hunting, locations and more! And heck, ask a question yourself!

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