April Giveaway: Hunter's Haul, a Hunter's Subscription Box

GoWild is getting closer to the app launch, and as you may know, you'll then be able to compete for our prize giveaways in the app. For now, though, they're random drawings from our email database. 

This month's giveaway comes from a company with an interesting mission. Hunter's Haul is out to provide you with new gear that's always just in time for the season, and at a heck of a deal. The gear is always going to be at a discount, and we promise you, you'll be using it for the upcoming hunting season. 

For our giveaway, it's a box that's all about turkey season. This box includes:

This gear would normally set you back $75, but Hunter's Haul offers it for $40. Even better, though, if you're signed up for our email list, you might win it for free. 

Hunting Subscription Box


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