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Giveaway: Dark Mountain Performance Supplements Package

Dark Mountain Supplements Package |  $150 Value There are a lot of stereotypes in the media about hunters, and a lot of folks thinking we’re just a bunch of fat folks in camo sitting in deer stands. But the truth is, hunting is hard work. From the scouting to the backcountry excursions, you have to be in shape to be at the top of your game. Dan Cranford is the kind of guy who is always looking to improve his performance in the outdoors. He was using some supplemental products, and while he was getting some performance benefits, he didn’t like the jittery nervous feeling it gave him. What started as a thought of, “I bet I could make a...

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Giveaway and Q&A: Maverick Baumer with Hunt Perfect

GIVEAWAY: ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO HUNT PERFECT (2 WINNERS) | VALUE: $40 If you run trail cameras, you've got your frequent flyers, midnight partiers, and elusive hit listers. Just when you think you've got a buck figured out, he tricks you.  Hunt Perfect is a software that's designed to help you better understand your game. You can quickly and easily manage your trail camera pictures, with unlimited camera tracking and image uploads. The platform captures weather data for your photos to tell you great details about the type of weather your buck prefers, so you can efficiently pattern your hit list. When we met Maverick, the founder, his story felt similar to ours—a hunter who was passionate about his lifestyle, but...

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