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Built by Hunters, Anglers & Outdoorsmen Like You

In 2016 the writing was on the wall: Mainstream social media was turning its back on those of us who felt most at home in the woods or on the water. Sportsmen and women were being bullied and banned with little explanation or insight.

Instead of settling for a censored experience, we decided to fix the problem. Not by or campaigning against the powers that be, but by building a platform ourselves, dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle. Four cofounders from rural America sat in a basement in Kentucky, and over a few pizzas, mapped out a mission and the early sketches of what would become GoWild.

That original team met on holidays, weekends and worked late into the night, pouring our hearts and souls into this new app. On September 8, 2017, we launched the GoWild beta version to the world. Six months later came Android. January of 2019 brought a Garmin app and integration. And in 2020, we launched our desktop experience, featuring robust gear shopping and price monitoring.

We’ve Both Stayed True to Our Roots & Branched Out

The GoWild app and platform has grown rapidly since those basement days. The founders went full time in 2018, and today GoWild employees more than a dozen strong. We stay true to our roots, finding other outdoor enthusiasts who have a dream to utilize their skills in marketing, development or design to build the best community for the sportsman.

The product has gone from hundreds, to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of people in a short time. But we don’t rest on our laurels, because the work is far from done and if you’re not growing your business, you’re killing it.

One Thing Has Remained True: Our Community Loves Gear

In 2019, we noticed something interesting—people were crowdsourcing their gear purchases on GoWild through posts asking questions about gear. But, like any other social platform, we didn’t have any gear-specific functionality. It was all being done through links to retailers or, quite honestly, janky screenshots of products from Google.

It was time to evolve.

We built our most advanced development since launching the first app with the introduction of GoWild Gearbox. This feature pulls hundreds of thousands of pieces of gear, and lets the community tag the products they’re using on Trophies, Time Logs, Recipes or just regular Posts.

Now with GoWild, outdoor enthusiasts can actually find the gear that works, and avoid buying what doesn’t. We’ve taken the insights we’ve learned from the community and brought it into the most expansive ecommerce engine in the world for outdoor gear. With hundreds of thousands of products and counting, we are dedicated to helping everyone find the best gear, at the best price. Join GoWild to take advantage of unique features, such as real-time price monitoring.

Whatever the Future Holds, We Have One Mission

One thing has proven to be true over the years—GoWild is going to evolve. In that first meeting in a basement, we never could have imagined what this would become. The platform has changed, but one thing has not: We are all stronger together.

GoWild is a platform that’s built by people like you, for people like you. And together we’ve built a community that helps newcomers have access to unprecedented wisdom from outdoor veterans. We’ve built long-time anglers try archery for the first time. We’ve seen lifelong campers pickup their first fishing rod and reel to form a new passion. And so it continues.

No matter where the future takes us, we’ll stay true to our mission to unlock the gate to the outdoors.

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